Featured Entree: Nor'Wester


Verde Cocina's menu is a testament to the vibrant bounty of the Pacific Northwest intertwined with the rich heritage of Mexican cuisine. One dish that best represents us is the Nor'Wester.

We highly recommend ordering the Nor'Wester with our sustainably sourced grilled salmon, a nod to the abundant seafood of the Pacific Northwest. Each bite is a testament to the pristine waters of the region and the commitment to responsible sourcing.

Complementing the salmon is locally grown quinoa, a superfood packed with nutrients and wholesome goodness. Alongside the quinoa, you'll find a medley of black beans, fresh grilled onion and veggies, pico de gallo, cucumber, and pepitas, each element adding depth and complexity to the dish.

And what ties it all together is Verde Cocina's creamy poblano-coconut dressing - smooth and rich with a hint of heat from the poblano peppers, this dressing elevates the dish to new heights, adding a delightful contrast to the fresh ingredients.

Here's what others are saying about our Nor'Wester:

"Recently, I have been loving the Nor'Wester. Such a lovely and comforting dish. You have to try this with the salmon. The portions are perfect and the attention to plating is top notch." - Hilsenrad

Come enjoy the Nor'Wester fusion for yourself!