Featured Entree: George’s Enchiladas

Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places, and for us, it came from the enthusiasm and creativity of one of our cherished customers! George’s Enchiladas are more than just a dish; they are a testament to the diverse and inclusive culinary culture we aim to foster at Verde Cocina.

George’s Enchiladas are plated with wholesome ingredients that not only satisfy the palate but also celebrate our local produce! Every bite is guaranteed plant-based goodness with onions, chiles, veggies, and the subtle sweetness of sweet potatoes, all wrapped in gluten-free tortillas. The enchiladas are drenched with sauce that’s not only dairy-free and vegan, but also filled with the authentic flavors of Mexico.

We understand that individual preferences may vary, and that’s why George’s Enchiladas are not just a fixed dish but a meal customizable to your personal touch. Choose to top it with savory cotija cheese, and fill your enchiladas with your preferred protein, like carne asada, chicken, pork, and more. 

Here’s what others are saying about George’s Enchiladas:

“George’s Enchiladas were filling, beautifully presented and fresh tasting. If I lived in Portland, my celiac boyfriend and I would eat here every week.” - Mckenzie

Come to Verde Cocina and treat yourself to a plate of George’s Enchiladas!