Featured Entree: Classic Fajitas

Classic Fajitas

What makes Verde Cocina's Classic Fajitas so beloved? It starts with the foundation of freshness! We locally source our veggies and proteins. Crisp red and green bell peppers and onions are grilled to perfection, adding a smoky sweetness to every bite. The choice of protein is yours! Whether it be tender chicken, shrimp, or carne asada, each option is marinated and cooked in our delicious signature adobo sauce.

Assemble your fajitas by wrapping warm corn tortillas around the grilled protein and veggies, and add a scoop of black beans.

Here's what others are saying about our Classic Fajitas:

"I got the Carne Asada and Shrimp Fajitas and it was phenomenal. The shrimp were actually giant prawns and perfectly cooked. The carne asada was very tender and the sauce it was all in was so flavorful." - Chani

Enjoy every bite of our Classic Fajitas in our cozy restaurant or while you enjoy the sunshine on our patio!