Exciting News on the Horizon for Verde Cocina in 2024!

January 2024 Newsletter

So 2023 happened. I know it did because I'm still reeling from the roller coaster ride that it was, but other than that I couldn't tell you where it went. I got off the ride, looked back and poof! it was gone. For the best, I guess!

And just like that, hope springs eternal for the potential of 2024. It's new, it's fresh! It's here, whether you like it or not! So how can you help but say, "Let's go!"?

So here we go, on the new ride, and Noé and I just wanted to take this moment before things get too wild to say an immense thank you, to all of you who make our work meaningful — our loyal customers, without whom we're not here; our dedicated employees, without whom we do not operate; to our farmers, vendors and service suppliers, without whom we have nothing to serve and no way to serve it. 

This year, we are also thanking our construction crew! Verde Cocina at Sylvan Highlands' rebuild is significantly underway, finally, thanks to yet another dedicated crew. So thank you guys! It's really shaping up, it's going to be AMAZING and we can't wait 'til it's ready! And when will that be? Well... soon! We've stopped predicting "when" and just have our heads down, getting it built. We will keep you apprised.

But thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us feed you! It's all we really care about and we're just thrilled that we still get to, after all these years (15 of them, to be exact, this April!). Thanks for sticking with us!

We wish you and yours 2024's richest blessings.

With infinite love and gratitude,

Noé & Anne Garnica

Owners of Verde Cocina

Noé & Anna SMALL