We Love Our Farmers

Farm-to-fork means the ingredients we use are often gathered directly from Oregon and Pacific NW farms. If you visit our stall at the Farmers Market, for example, you may see farmers rolling up with our week’s supply of kale, onions, potatoes and carrots, from Gathering Together, Spring Hill and DeNoble's Farms, just to name a few. Seasonal fruits come from farmers market vendor Baird Farms and other local sources. Our eggs come from Oregon and Washington farm-pastured chickens, from Egg It On, Dancing Chicken, and Raymond Kuenzi Farms. Our pork comes from Sweet Briar and Carlton Farms. Other featured meats such as beef and salmon frequently come directly from local sources.

We love our farmers! We make all of our salsas fresh daily and make our tortillas by hand using locally sourced certified gluten-free corn masa. Our menus are simple so that everything is always fresh. We are proud of this and proud of our relationships and resources that allow us to make fresh, local farm food accessible to everyone, every day.