Green Gold – Verde Cocina’s market-fresh spin on Mexican cooking

PHOTO CREDIT: amy ouellette, The PEARL

PHOTO CREDIT: amy ouellette, The PEARL


The Pearl,  2.15

"First time diners at the casual, contemporary Mexican restaurant on NW 14th Avenue between Glisan and Hoyt are typically taken aback when their platters of carne asada and huevos rancheros arrive piled high with white bean–garbanzo mash and a cornucopia of produce—yellow squash, carrots, green beans, rainbow chard, snap peas, red onions, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and other local vegetables, all grilled al dente."


Cooking Channel's Taco Trip - Verde Cocina in Portland, OR

Aaron visits Verde Cocina to learn how to make a Vegetarian Chile Relleno. 

Photo courtesy of Dylan VanWeldeen

Photo courtesy of Dylan VanWeldeen


Tune into Cooking Channel’s ‪TacoTrip‬ to see Chef Aaron Sanchez visit Chef Noe Garnica at Verde Cocina en la Perla! Catch Verde Cocina owner and head chef in action, and get the scoop on how we make our signature chile relleno with fresh, local ingredients. “It was something else to have a celebrity Chef such as Aaron Sanchez in my kitchen,” says Noe. “It was just a lot of fun.”


Portland's 10 Best Guilt-Free Dishes

Portland Monthly, 7.14

"Vegan sushi, Paleo parfaits, bracingly acidic ceviche, and salads a-plenty...there’s a whole new world of healthy dining out there, and it’s delicious.


Dive underneath a heap of rainbow chard and sweet roasted carrots covering hot, maize-perfumed gringas (soft rolled tacos) at this former farmers market–only hot spot for the main event: braised pork from Eugene’s Sweet Briar Farm, mashed garbanzo beans, and dark, musky mole sauce. "

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Martha Stewart!: The Last Posting About My Trip to Portland, Oregon

Martha Stewart Blog, 6.14


"I was immediately drawn to this vendor, Verde Cocina, that sells a variety of freshly prepared tacos. The market serves as a business incubator for at least 50 businesses, like Verde Cocina, that has expanded sales outside of the market, but still sell at the market too."

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Verde Cocina en la Perla

Gluten Free Menu, Farm to Table Portland Pearl


Review of Verde Cocina en la Perla by 3.13

"Verde Cocina nailed it. It was love at first bite with this place. It’s different. It’s not what you will get at every joint or food cart and I like that, I like that a lot. It’s nothing like what I had when we lived in Arizona and I have not had much like this in California. They are farm to table with a mexican flair."

"I have to say this was probably one of the best happy hour menus I have seen in a long time."

"I should also note that the whole menu is gluten free."

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Yummy New Portland Brunch: Verde Cocina in the Pearl

Breakfast in Bridgetown, 1.12.12

"Here is reason #43 why the whole “all the good Portland brunch places have long lines” thing is a total myth: The new Verde Cocina location in the Pearl District.

That delicious-looking (and tasting) delight above is the chilaquiles from a recent brunch. It’s a perfect Portland place, too, with a cool location, fresh local ingredients, and pleasant staff serving it all up. Just yumminess all over."

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Quick Hits - Verde Cocina

Good Stuff NW, 1.12

"I had breakfast there the other day and was awestruck by the warm, woodsy room upstairs and the Buenos Dias breakfast consisting of two eggs scrambled with vegetables, then smothered in roasted peppers, some lightly pickled onions, beans and Ranchero salsa, and then topped again with big chunks of locally grown and smoked bacon. It was more than enough for two, but I manned up and chowed down the whole thing. Great for breakfast and lunch, I can't wait to get back to dinner where they pull out the molés, quesadillas and other specialties from Garnica's native Guanajuato, Mexico."

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Portland Mercury Review of Verde Cocina

Portland Mercury, 11.17.11

"The dish is served with a mountain of grilled vegetables and legumes, but not the standard onions and peppers you might be used to in Mexican restaurants: kale, chard, carrots, and garbanzo beans. And unlike a lot of Mexican places in the States, the vegetables aren't grilled to a mush. The carrots still have some bite; the greens have a little texture."

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Verde Cocina Noted for Best Farmers Market Meal

Gluten Free, Fresh Mexican Food at Portland Farmers markets

Best Farmers Market Meals 2011
Oregon Live: 6.11

"Local meats and produce, house-made corn tortillas and traditional Mexican fresh salsas made in a stone mortar are the hallmarks of Guanajuato-born chef Noe Garnica's menu, so you'd expect his traditional menu of Mexican classics like fajitas, tacos and chilaquiles to offer something more -- and they do. Namely, lots of sparkling fresh vegetables. The huevos rancheros are truly stellar -- handmade corn tortillas slathered with mashed garbanzo and white beans, topped with farm-fresh fried eggs, crumbled cheese and house-made salsa, then showered with ribbons of Swiss chard and carrots plus anything else from the market that's fresh and beautiful that morning. Health food never tasted so good."

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