Verde Cocina Noted for Best Farmers Market Meal

Gluten Free, Fresh Mexican Food at Portland Farmers markets

Best Farmers Market Meals 2011
Oregon Live: 6.11

"Local meats and produce, house-made corn tortillas and traditional Mexican fresh salsas made in a stone mortar are the hallmarks of Guanajuato-born chef Noe Garnica's menu, so you'd expect his traditional menu of Mexican classics like fajitas, tacos and chilaquiles to offer something more -- and they do. Namely, lots of sparkling fresh vegetables. The huevos rancheros are truly stellar -- handmade corn tortillas slathered with mashed garbanzo and white beans, topped with farm-fresh fried eggs, crumbled cheese and house-made salsa, then showered with ribbons of Swiss chard and carrots plus anything else from the market that's fresh and beautiful that morning. Health food never tasted so good."

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