100% Gluten Free Establishments Around the Globe!

For Gluten Sake, 3.2018 

Gluten free friends, foodies, travelers! Meet Carrie! Carrie, aka “For Gluten Sake," has embarked on a worldwide endeavor to connect with every 100% gluten free establishment across the globe!

From Carrie: 

This 100% gluten free project is the biggest, craziest, most exciting project I have ever created and cared about in my whole life! Going gluten free nearly 7 years ago changed my entire life, but it has only been in the past year that I have realized HOW much. 

Years ago I struggled immensely with GI issues, depression, uncontrollable emotions, acne, migraines that debilitated me, brain fog, and the list goes on and on. Since eliminating gluten from my diet, I am quite literally a different person. I know that I have a huge transformational story to tell, and I want to help as many people as possible live on this side of freedom.

A few months ago, there seemed to be many of us searching for a one stop shop for all the 100% gluten free places around the globe and I couldn't find one. So, I decided to create one.  And not only create a guide, but also create a behind the scenes tour of 100% gluten free places around the globe. 

I'm on a mission to connect with every 100% gluten free establishment across the globe and tell their stories. I want to tell their stories because I know that anyone who has opened a gluten free establishment has had to make the choice to go against the grain. They are people that have chosen opportunity over fear.  

An undiagnosed celiac disease took so many years from my emotional health and I'm fighting back with a bigger purpose and bigger vision than I thought I was capable of having. I'm on a mission to create a gluten free community like never before! BE FREE for Gluten Sake!

Verde Cocina is thrilled to be a featured establishment on the 100% Gluten Free Oregon section of the site. 




19 Portland Restaurants for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


Verde Cocina

Mexican in spicing, farm-forward in spirit, this Portland chainlet boasts specials like local salmon tacos with crisped skins, fresh tomatoes, and avocado-tomatillo dressing. Vegetables are the main event, but meat is taken seriously: gringas (soft, rolled tacos) come hot off the press, puffing and steaming with maize perfume, rolled with braised Sweet Briar Farm pork and dark, musky mole.


10 Ways to Eat Out or Order In This Thanksgiving

"From expertly stocked produce boxes at Rubinette to full-on seafood jamborees at Headwaters, Portland has you covered."

By Eleanor Van Buren  11.15.17

 Photo Credit:  Alan Weiner Photography

Verde Cocina

"11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. Thu, Nov 23, $40 per person, $12 for children 7–12
You can’t possibly feel better about a T-Day dinner. Verde Cocina (the Sylvan Highlands location near the Oregon Zoo) is giving away all proceeds from its three-course meal to the Oregon Food Bank, and the food is gluten-free, with paleo, vegetarian, and vegan dinner menus." 


Mindful Menus: The Best Healthy Kid’s Menus Around PDX

Red Tricycle, 1.4.17

Our four Verde Cocina café locations included in Red Tricycle's line up!

"With four locations in the Portland area (Hillsdale, Mississippi, the Pearl and Sylvan Highlands), it's easy to eat healthy with your niños in tow! Try the Huevos: scrambled eggs and veggies in a tortilla, served with beans and fruit."



Healthy Dining in Portland: An East Coast Foodie’s Guide

Rachel Drukenmiller of Rachel's Nourishing  Kitchen, 8.6.16

Verde Cocina included in Rachel's recommended line up of Healthy, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free Portland Restaurants. 

"During the six days we were in Portland, we made the rounds and tried over a dozen different eateries, all of which offered and often specialized in gluten-free, dairy-free options that tasted as good as, if not better than, the originals.

If you’re traveling to Portland (or if you live there and want to check out some new spots) AND are looking for nourishing and delicious options, use this list as your guide."



Mississippi's North Light to Become Fourth Verde Cocina

 Verde Cocina on N. MISSISSIPPI

Verde Cocina on N. MISSISSIPPI

PDX Eater, 6.16

"Mississippians— Prepare for farmers market-fresh Mexican food

One of Portland's best known Mexican food options, Verde Cocina started in Portland's farmers markets, and the relationship has never dwindled. Owners and husband and wife Noé and Anna Garnica still serve its gluten-free chilaquiles and gringas con molé bolstered by produce and meats from local farms—not to mention their own hand-made corn tortillas. Now, Verde Cocina tells Eater it's opening its fourth brick and mortar at 3746 N Mississippi Ave, in the former home of now-shuttered North Light.

'We've been looking for a place on the east side for a long time—since right after we opened our first location five years ago,' Anna tells Eater. The Garnicas aren't ready to release an opening date but do report the fourth Verde Cocina should open mid June."  


Portland's Best Lunch Restaurants in Downtown and the Pearl

 PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Labarge for Verde cocina

PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Labarge for Verde cocina


PDX Eater, 9.15

Verde Cocina en la Perla

"If you’re cruising by car up NW 14th Avenue, you just might miss this spacious neighborhood favorite that serves bright and fresh Mexican food using local veggies and ancient grains. So park your car and walk however many blocks it takes to get chef-owner Noe Garnica's huevos rancheros, chorizo hashes, and gringas con molé."


Adventure Brunches – For Those Who Brunch Outside the Box




Portland Mercury, 7.15

"For those who want a little extra "fresh" with their brunching activities, the highly regarded Verde Cocina has the recipe you're looking for. With locations in Hillsdale as well as Sylvan Highlands and various farmers' markets, the Pearl location is the quickest way to get your vegetable brunch fix. For the newbies, Chef Noe Garnica (originally hailing from Guanajuato, Mexico) and his wife, Anna, wanted to bring the food prepared from the home gardens of their youth to the menu. Hence, all the dishes at Verde Cocina come heaped with super-fresh local produce—though it doesn't in the least detract from the Mexican delights beneath."


Verde Cocina Opens Third Location Near Oregon Zoo


Portland Mercury, 4.15

"Chef-owner Noe Garnica, a Mexico native, and his wife, Anna, have carved out a niche in Portland's food scene as purveyors of bright, fresh Mexican food with a vegetable-centric, health-oriented twist. At their two Verde Cocina restaurants, as well as their cart at the Portland Farmers Market, traditionally heavy staples like refried beans and Spanish rice are eschewed in favor of ancient grains and loads of crisp-tender market-fresh vegetables. And now the duo has added a third location to their burgeoning chain let."



Green Gold – Verde Cocina’s market-fresh spin on Mexican cooking

 PHOTO CREDIT: amy ouellette, The PEARL

PHOTO CREDIT: amy ouellette, The PEARL


The Pearl,  2.15

"First time diners at the casual, contemporary Mexican restaurant on NW 14th Avenue between Glisan and Hoyt are typically taken aback when their platters of carne asada and huevos rancheros arrive piled high with white bean–garbanzo mash and a cornucopia of produce—yellow squash, carrots, green beans, rainbow chard, snap peas, red onions, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and other local vegetables, all grilled al dente."


Cooking Channel's Taco Trip - Verde Cocina in Portland, OR

Aaron visits Verde Cocina to learn how to make a Vegetarian Chile Relleno. 

  Photo courtesy of Dylan VanWeldeen

Photo courtesy of Dylan VanWeldeen


Tune into Cooking Channel’s ‪TacoTrip‬ to see Chef Aaron Sanchez visit Chef Noe Garnica at Verde Cocina en la Perla! Catch Verde Cocina owner and head chef in action, and get the scoop on how we make our signature chile relleno with fresh, local ingredients. “It was something else to have a celebrity Chef such as Aaron Sanchez in my kitchen,” says Noe. “It was just a lot of fun.”


Portland's 10 Best Guilt-Free Dishes

Portland Monthly, 7.14

"Vegan sushi, Paleo parfaits, bracingly acidic ceviche, and salads a-plenty...there’s a whole new world of healthy dining out there, and it’s delicious.


Dive underneath a heap of rainbow chard and sweet roasted carrots covering hot, maize-perfumed gringas (soft rolled tacos) at this former farmers market–only hot spot for the main event: braised pork from Eugene’s Sweet Briar Farm, mashed garbanzo beans, and dark, musky mole sauce. "

Full Article


Martha Stewart!: The Last Posting About My Trip to Portland, Oregon

Martha Stewart Blog, 6.14


"I was immediately drawn to this vendor, Verde Cocina, that sells a variety of freshly prepared tacos. The market serves as a business incubator for at least 50 businesses, like Verde Cocina, that has expanded sales outside of the market, but still sell at the market too."

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